SS Massage & Healing


I believe the best testimonial comes directly from the people I've helped. Here are a few from my clients:


“I am fortunate to have Sarah as my massage therapist. She has a unique quality that most people do not have, i.e., kind spirit, great touch and  a Master Reiki skill for healing.I fall asleep every time I meet with her since she creates such a soothing,relaxing environment. Her energy is positive and she transmits peace and serenity. I recommend her highly and am confident you will not be disappointed.”

 -Beth A


 “Massages are both a luxury and necessity in our stress-filled lifestyles.  I have been a spa patron for 30 years, ranging from local spas to 5-star rated spas nationwide.  Without equivocation, Sarah’s deep tissue massage is one of the very best I have ever received.  So many factors create a truly great massage and Sarah has mastered them all.  The rare bonus is Sarah’s ability to incorporate energy work and Reiki.  Each session she balances my chakras, giving me a deeper sense of calm, relaxation and wellbeing that was clearly missing with all massages prior to Sarah.”

 -Linda R.


 “What can I write that could fully express the appreciation I have for the care that Sarah provides. She has healing hands and a calm that permeates the air around her. I work in a high stress industry. I have arrived with my back and neck in so many knots that I was barely able to breathe. Sarah has put me back together and kept me running. She has a gift that can’t be taught and I am grateful to her. As long as she is providing massage therapy and energy work, I will be a client!”

-Diana D.



“After having Sarah's expert treatments working out all the kinks and pain to a point you didn't believe possible, you will never want treatments from anyone else!”

-Kim S.


"I first met Sarah Southmayd when I scheduled an abhyanga massage at the Veria Wellness Center in Bethesda. It was difficult to find this type of massage in the DC area, so I was delighted to discover that it was offered at Veria. I was even more delighted to discover Sarah! I really appreciate a good massage, but frequently find that many therapists don't have a firm enough touch to get at tight muscles. Sarah has given me several different types of massages and I've been delighted each time, including recently when she has helped me deal with repetitive motion strain in my arm. I was dissapointed to see Veria close, but very grateful that Sarah has started her own service. In addition to being a really great therapist, she is also a genuinely nice person with an upbeat personality. I recommend her highly!"

-Peggy S.


"After 28 years and 3 back surgeries, I have finally found the right massage therapist.  I would highly recommend Sarah for her competence, her ability to actually help and heal, the convienience of her "housecalls", and her warm and friendly personality."

-Harv K.


"I have used Sarah's message services personally and have sent her to friends of mine as gifts when they are going through particularly tough times. Before she even starts her massage, Sarah's countenance is peaceful and soothing which immediately aids in calming and relaxing. Her touch is very healing and she personalizes it to each persons' tastes and preferences. By the time Sarah is done with her massage, you are in an entirely different place than where you started and you can look at whatever stressors you have in a more positive light. I highly recommend Sarah Southmayd for "whatever ails you."

-Deborah M.


" Sarah provides wonderful massage and healing services. She is always able to help work through issues with my back for example and I feel absolutely wonderful. Immediately the pain goes away and stays that way. She is caring and thoughtful in her approach to her work. She works with you to figure out what you need and addresses those needs. She is a really nice person and so all around great to be able to rely on her on a regularl basis. I give her my highest endorsement."

-Karin K.